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It costs about £1,000 a week to run St Columba’s Church. With rising heating and other costs, and a relatively low income congregation, regular giving from supporters of our mission to this area can make all the difference between a maintenance focussed church and a mission focussed church.

One-off Gifts

There are different ways you can donate
  • By sending a cheque payable to "St Columba's Church, Drypool" to The Churchwardens, St. Columba’s Church, 139 Laburnum Ave, Hull, HU8 8PA
  • Online by debit or credit card via Paypal please click this donate button.
If you pay income tax or capital gains tax and email us a Gift Aid declaration by clicking the following email link then the tax man will pay St Columba's back the tax you have already paid on your donation - Please make sure you include your name and full address in the email.

Regular Giving

If you are willing to make a regular donation, then please download one of our St Columba's Angels leaflets for information.

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