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23rd June 2019 Sunday congregation (Martin Houlton)
St Columba's is a friendly local church on Holderness Road in East Hull. We are an extended family of people who have had their lives changed by Jesus.

Whether you're asking the big questions in life, looking for a wedding or christening, or you already follow Jesus, we'd love to welcome you in person.

What to expect at Church (21/07/2021)

Now that we've reached step 4 of the government's road map out of lockdown, we are able to change some of the things we do on Sundays. Some things are changing immediately, while others will wait until the autumn. In all this we're trying to make the most of our freedoms so that our Sunday gatherings are times when we worship God together, hear his Word together, pray together and encourage each other, while also trying to help people who are feeling nervous or cautious still to feel comfortable enough to join us in the building. We know that between us we cover the full range from people desperate to get back to full 'normality' to those who have good reason to want to take every precaution.

So what will it be like?

Perhaps the biggest change is that we can all join in the singing again! I'm certainly looking forward to worshipping God in song again with our music group, as we've really missed that. This first Sunday will have a particular focus on singing together again.

Another change will be the seating - we're going to give people the option of sitting together again, or staying seated apart. We'll do this by having one half in rows for people to sit next to others, and the other side of church with chairs spaced apart in islands as they have been recently. So if you'd rather not be right next to or in front of someone else, just sit on that side and you can be socially distanced throughout the service.

With masks, in line with the government's rules, we are asking you to make your own decision on whether to wear one during the service, and we won't be frowning at anyone who makes a different choice to us. We are asking that before and during the service please wear a mask when you're moving around and therefore might come closer to someone who is trying to be cautious (e.g. if you're going to the toilet or standing at the back).

After the service, we'll be serving refreshments again for anyone who wants to stay and chat. If that's not you, of course you're completely free to get away as soon as the service finishes, but if for anyone who is happy to stay longer, we can now offer a drink from the hatch and places to sit and encourage each other and pray with each other.

Other things will stay the same to help limit any potential spread of the virus - hand sanitiser on the way in, the good ventilation in our large building, doing Communion in a Covid-safe way, not using books or paper or passing the collection plate around and so on.

I hope that helps you to know what to expect. Do get in touch with me if you have any questions. And as Nehemiah reminded us last autumn, remember that we don't just need to return to 'normal', we need to return to the Lord. May He reign in our hearts as we take this next step in the life of His church.

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23rd June 2019 Sunday congregation (Martin Houlton)